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Canibus - Bar Warz (King Has Returned)


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Word from Canibus

""After I created BAR WAR I sat down and looked at if for what it was worth. 400 bars structured as 200 bars accompanied by it's 200 bar twin. Priceless in my opinion. I could have done 600 bars by writing 200 bars and 2 identical twins or 1000 bars w/ 5 fraternal quintuplets. To some of you this is just rap but to me it has always been bigger than that. BAR WAR cheats time. Therefore it is ETERNAL. I am human but I have discovered an ETERNAL rhyme. Who else in HIP HOP is trying this hard to do anything extraordinary. Your favorites have crossed the threshold of their goals and are bored w/ the music. I never quit any of you""

From Canibus WORLD.

P.S. Someone said Canibus said this aint bar war, but an introduce to bar war.

I knew Canibus is getting back.


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man that was superb! 8O
and not even 1 foul word!
did you check that flow?ya**is. 8O