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blacKBull Vs TripleH/Molybdenum


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even though u´ve transformed ur profile,
now by the name of Molybdenum/
in my ´´non-rapper-hating´´ opinion,
Ur shit stinks worst than before/
hard as u may claim, ur soft in tha core/
cumin at me wit weak blows/
weak texcular flow/
a dead-man rappin, body blue n ice cold/
so it costs to be on-line/
ok, i apologise 4 my juvenile outburt/
sumtimes i think not having patience is really a curse/
enuff of that, back to my battle verse/
after this, u should go tell the doctor where it hurts/
stretched out n agonising/
quick 2 b the one apologising/
4 starting sumthin u could neva put n end to/
instead, it putting an end to u/
blood startin to leak/
everything now seems to be in slow-motion/
an "all nite" rumble wit a bull, why did u eva promote it?
blacK as i am, im neva telling a white lie/
I´m a bull wit killa horns/
n i´ll prick u until u die/

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