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I'm also not feeling that joint. I dig the original joint by Stimela. In fact most stimela albums from that era were way ahead of their time. This used to be my all time favourite SA group. Their last few albums togethor wren't that great. You could tell that the "Fire, Pa**ion and Ecstasy" (as they entitled one of their best tracks) was gone. egos, doing it for cash/the fans, etc. nonetheless, a legendary band. Phinda Mzala, Sishovi Ingolovane, Zwakala, Singa Jindi Majita, Highland Drifter - who recalls these joints. damn the golden era of SA music. Think of the people involved - Ray Chikapa Phiri, Thapelo Kgomo, Nana Coyote - legends.I wonder which group can even be compared to Stimela today - Bongo Muffin? Conscious, forward looking, viby, catchy, fusion of styles & creative. probably Bongo Maffin.

Anyway, people should not mess with such tracks if they dont improve them.I think Young Nations did justice to Zwakala for instance. H20 was aight with Shovi Ngolovane.