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Interview: Ras Ka** - Let The Truth Be Told


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don’t mess with dude.’ However, when business and greenbacks are concerned, a reaction must take place. Forced into a situation where something has to give, Ras Ka** has to defend himself because like Jay-Z said, “the streets is watching.”

Think about ever fight you heard about in school and everybody telling the story has a different depiction of what happened. That’s a lot of gossip to weed through. Now, think about when something happens on the streets. Everyone claims to have witnessed it and what and why everything went down. Finally, think about when something happens in the Hollywood world known as Hip-Hop. Exactly! You don’t know who’s telling the truth.

To make it a little easier on you to determine what’s real and what’s fake, Ras Ka** in his own words gives us a little background about somebody’s favorite rapper. How many people jumped him? If the song ‘Caution’ was made over two years ago why did Game decide to do something now? Was it about Game’s son? Why did Game fallout with his brother Big Fase? Those are some of the questions that Ras gives an answer too.

Read the whole thing here:


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i cant believe this crap (read: carp) is still continuing.
this thing has been  blown way out of proportion.
being a fan - has anybody heard his eat or mourir meterial?
hopefully he invests as much energy in his album as he is in perpetuating this childish squabble.