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i'm like a gay club, my bars serve faggots



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i'm loosin battles due to drug testin, i'm dope hence disqualified/
beat a rapper so bad till a point he is unidentified/the hip hop proofreader,when i'm on the mic errors get rectified/
My skills are stable with nature,i skip the black soldiers and brick knock-out the whites and the majors/my tounge serves the whole world like a dynamic diner might, and let u blow up with the use of dynamite/
i don't giv a vack,its the evil within in me,I get tight like figure belt,the abstract smith that makes ur word melt/
ur crew be like a rare skin disease cause frost it bites/ no diss to that cat Deacon, i'm just showin rappers that with mics i'm the king pin/
get explicit with the skill,when i meet rappers on the street thats wher they're endz be/
rappers can't touch me,i slam with hammers and ekkses when i resort to violence/u'll get embara**ed while ur crew members witness in silence

name play
quot;elohim! with the rhyme scheme
and when the lyrics leave the mouth they look lyk light beam,
with wings attached to the mic I say fly rhymes"


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Wow Endzi! Do I detect a tinge of bitterness?
he structuring principles of human language are innate


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This is a video clip of the Taxman one of the BATTLECAMP artists this is perfrmance from Splash Jam in Soweto.. Ripping on one of my beats

Malcom E.K.K.S

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Quote from: "munetsi"
oh the ''free style' and ''designer'' line.i'm so nice i gotta comment myself. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Those r sick lines, who else can do it better...Word

Simon the Contractor

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yo its ASD and il kill Unidentified and his dead mic/ he decided to shut up after i killed him on other websites/ rip Unidentifieds ribs out and eat them sick and raw/ call Trusenz to give him a piece of that Chickenhawk/