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Skivvy-G AKA Mic's Myth

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Ay yo my "dope lines" are "gold mines" & fool dont "dig em"
I'm the revolution, so I wont be seen on "televion"
You gotta look for me, "I'm only a Myth?"
We'll see when I end yo F*$%in "foney exis"-tence
Lyrically, My flow remains on "F%^$in track"
U on a collision course with my fist like a "punching bag"
Without the glove, Y'Know what they say "no glove" "no love"
Whats what it is between me & u, all of the "above"
Look out for Biter's "can Have it" - DC's "Mixtape"   [Dycrytix]
If Gemini's an "adict", I'm sure he can "relate"
Because we do it for the "gluttons", Freakin "good for nothing"
parasites to Hip Hop, "Biting & Blood suching"
But thats off the "topic", Back to the mic & How I "Rock it"
Whoever reached the penicle, I'm sure that I can "top it"
& I wont "ever rest" until I get higer than "Everest",
& If you've "ever read" my scrips, testify as "evidence"
That you've actual heard the myth with your own ears
& If u agree I'm I'll, Feel free to post Here

Off the top of my dome yo
Holla Back
Peace Preachas
K4 - [Maqular Org Productions]