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What is

Muzikstore is the first RISA (Recording Industry of South Africa) accredited On-line music retail store. What the site aims to do is sell unsigned artists' music in MP3 format to a global audience. All music genres welcome. Some of Southern Africa's best musical talents are in the underground scene. Muzikstore is looking at being the best platform to showcase their talents.
Muzikstore is the future. It will make it easier for to market your music anywhere in the world. You'll be able to create a fanbase without having to carry you CDs in the boot of a car.
Phase 1 is already live. This phase gives future customers the opportunity to register now. Upon launch of Phase 2, they will receive a 10% discount on all music purchased  during the launch month.
Phase 2 will be a completely new website with all the unsigned/independent artists. Phase 2 goes live on the 1st of December 2006.

How will it work?

All you have to do is sign the Agreement with muzikstore that sets out the business guidelines. You, the artist, will send us:
2 x copies of your Album
1 x biography
2 x Pictures of the Artist or CD Artwork
Muzikstore will then rip the music into the correct MP3 format, load it and the biography, and start selling.
The artist will be kept up to date as to how many times their music has been downloaded.
Each song will be sold for R10 and a complete album download will be R70.

How does the payment work?

Upon signing with muzikstore, you will also submit your bank details so that we can transfer your cash to you. Every month end, muzikstore will give you a spreadsheet of how many downloads occurred. This will enable you to see how well your music is doing.
Muzikstore will split the earnings with the artist according to a 30/70 split. The artist gets 70% of the cut. Muzikstore will also charge a service fee that is calculated accordingly and will not amount to more than R100.

Remember that there are no upfront fees. Muzikstore only makes money if you make money.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions, you can mail me on:


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it all sounds very good and in this age we living in also like the best way to sell music. I just need to take in how it all works etc but good looking out..


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