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50 CENT-Niggas get mad when i wear this.

A pimp named Sarkozy

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"Niggas get mad when i wear this"and Im still getting money off this clown's album ouch now thats gotta hurt" he laughs :lol:

HHDX: So Game was kicked off of Aftermath.

50: Thats what I said. But yo, let me tell you something man.

HHDX: [Laughs] Yeah.

50: If Game can do well without Dre on this upcoming record, then he'll prove something. He didnt do it in The Documentary. He had me and dre with him. Look at his first three records he put out. Westside Story, produced by Dre and featuring me, How We Do, produced by Dre and featuring me. Hate It Or Love It featuring me, produced by Cool & Dre. Ya know, he had heavy hitters on his first 3 singles. Thats what made him move units. Me and Dre. Then he came out with Dreams way after his album dropped. All that record did was keep his name in the streets. Then he put out Put You On The Game, after he got kicked outta G-unit, and what happened, it didnt do shit.

HHDX: Yeah. But One Blood did pretty good. Let's Ride didnt do that great, but One Blood did alright.

50: Yeah, that was a street single. Ya know? Look at Disco Inferno, that went beyond anything One Blood has done. Did you know one blood doesnt even have a chorus? He doesnt know how to make a hit record, he cant write a hook so he just has some nigga in the back round yelling one blood the whole time. [Laughs] Ya know? Its pathetic, he's pathetic.

HHDX: Can we expect a disses on the album, towards Game along with the others?

50: You can expect a couple diss tracks on there.

HHDX: I hear that Lloyd Banks is dropping a new mixtape, More Money In The Bank Part. 5. And I hear that there will be alot of disses towards game. I also heard Yayo say your going to Ja Rule Game.

50: [Laughs], just go out and buy it. You wont be dissapointed if you think that there is disses on there. [Laughs] And if I want to Ja Rule Game, I could easily do it. I got too much material for that little nigga man. He'll be over soon.

HHDX: Well I heard Game on Wendy Williams talking greasy saying that G-unit is done?

50: [Laughs] Oh I didnt see that. It doesnt matter, next week he'll probably be on the radio saying he wants to squash the beef.

HHDX: Do you think G-unit is winning the beef with Game?

50: What beef? Man we havent even put out a serious diss track towards that nigga man. I put out my joint, which I chopped that shit up quick, like it was a freestyle. Ya know? He had to put out like 3 mixtapes, a DVD and all this shit to make a point. He wasted 300 Bars on me and my crew. Nigga ill put out 1 bar and get the job done. But look at it this way. His debut album, what did he sell his first week? He went over gold or something, I went 800K. What was his total 5 milli. I went 12 milli. What about out second record, what has he done his first week? 300K. Nigga I went 1 mill my first week! I went 11 milli total. Is he gonna even get past 1 million on this whole record? I doubt it. If he wants to talk about numbers we'll do it.

HHDX: Yeah, you speaking the truth.

HHDX: What do you think of Buck's new album? Have you heard it yet?

50: Aw man, his record is crazy man, ya know. He's got a great lineup of producers with some great features.

HHDX: Are you on it, other than Do It Myself?

50: Yeah, there's a record with, Me and Buck on a Dre track.

HHDX: Whoa. Yeah, I was feeling that Do It Myself record.

50: Yeah, Buck is bringing that heat for this album man. Be ready for that!

HHDX: So i've heard your signing alot of movie roles. You've got Home Of The Brave coming out.

50: Yeah I got that coming out with Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel. I also got a new movie where im a boxer, called The Dance. With Nicholas Cage.

HHDX: When's that coming out?

50: Im not sure, we havent even started filming yet. We still got to do a couple things, then we'll start filming and shit. My guess is late 07.

HHDX: I also hear you signed to do a movie with Robert De Niro.

50: Yeah, its called New Orleans. Takes place after Katrina. Its gonna be fun man.

HHDX: I was listening to a interview with Young Buck on SHADE 45, and he was getting upset with Lil Wayne, and says that he started a war with them. Anything you gotta say about that?

50: Anything Buck does, im with him 100 percent. He was there when I ended Ja Rule, so ill be with him when he ends other niggas.

HHDX: Also whats with this Dipset situation?

50: Man, I take this Dipset shit as a joke man. Its nothing big, they dont want problems man. First I hear Jimmy on G-unit radio talking like G-unit and them are friends and shit. Then I hear him in a interview saying Yayo is a hater and shit. I dont know man.