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LOL @ this post

A pimp named Sarkozy

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I got this from another forum.

"sorry to bring this shit up cuz it probly been posted a shitload of times but....Im gettin real tired of these confused a** people over this subject...

I SWEAR EVERYTHING THAT I WRITE BELOW IS TRUE ABOUT WAT I WAS dont gimme no bullshit cuz i didnt make this shit up

As u all no, i live in LA...1 of my best homiez dad is a big dj and hes done parties for everyone from ja to 50 some rich white kids that live in belair that paid him $500 for 3 hours of djing...anyways.....

As he was givin me a ride home one nite from my homiez house...i was askin him about the people hes djed for n all that shit...snoop dogg came up and that shit led to Death Row...He was one of the niggas who started death row, no lie, he told me about how he used to kick it wit suge, dre, snoop, n talked to tupac a lot, they were all his homiez man i swear to god...he told me the night tupac was killed he was in one of the cars in the big a** entourage behind suge & pac's car...he told me HE SAW TUPAC in the hospital after the shooting...he told me that people needa get the story straight about where he got shot n shit like that...he said he got hit 5 times, 1 in the arm, 1 in the thigh, 2 in the chest, and 1 bullet hit his esophogus...he said that even if tupac woulda survived, he wouldn't really be able to speak or eat by himself...wen i asked him who did it...he got kinda uneasy but all he said was...puffy put the money fukin heart dropped wen he said that shit...i dint even wanna ask him how he knew....because i no in tha hood niggas talk n word spreads...n aint nobody snitchin....but anyways

about biggies death...he didnt no too much about that except that suge had somethin to do with it...he told me that he had been to suge's crib, n that suge had his own lot with 88 cars on it...a big a** lot jus for his cars...he said that the car that was used to kill biggie.........he had seen on the lot before, he said thas y he knows suge had somethin to do wit it...

THAS MY STORY IF U DONT BELIEVE ME U CAN SUK MY MOFUKIN DICK BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD THIS WAT HE TOLD ME...he's a str8 hood a** nigga from inglewood n hes not a immature a** dad to make shit up like this...

Im tired of these confused a** stories people keep makin up, n worse how people say tupac is still alive, so i had 2 posts this...i dont even give a fuk about props, i jus had 2 post this....believe wat u want 2.....r.i.p. pac & big