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since i know i won't be here 2morow, i took time to be here today...

Happy birthday 'short-shit' may u enjoy many more

the wish is from the heart  :wink:
 am hell behold!

Killa Merc

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Hope you not as broke as the village today!


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i feel like i spend my life on birthday threads. goddamn. like happy birthday already. to everyone for the whole of 2007. then ill come out of hiding only for my own ofcourse. conveniently at the end of the year. when everyone is tired and doesnt care anymore. chuckle. anyway...

uh. ja. you. all happiness to you (child). and since you be a childrens. we anxiously await them multi coloured balloons. jumping castles and candy floss. dont forget the trampolines. otherwise youre an imposter bra. and then when we've all had our fun. you can write all about it (akapoet).

happy birthday dude.
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