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Revelations about her

A pimp named Sarkozy

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Hope yall enjoyed yo long weekend ende.i didnt.

Our interactions with women are as organic as the cosmos -- we chat them up in the grocery store, we flirt in the mall, we talk over the information superhighway, and we invite them into our lives as girlfriends, conquests and objects of our affection.

Some women are of the free variety -- free to act, free to think and, most importantly, free of a sordid history that may be putting up emotional roadblocks. They are the women we men can learn to be more brazen from.

Others are of the reserved variety -- reserved with their actions and their opinions, reserved as to the limits of their adventuresome spirit, and reserved with their displays of affection. These are the women we learn to be polite and courteous from.

Then there's the girl next door. She's all the things we want her to be -- sweet, honest, pretty, wholesome, and, hidden under a shroud of good manners, dirty and sexual. The perfect woman to settle down with.

But wait a minute... she's acting strange...the bitch was acting :x

You thought she was perfect, but why is she in the bedroom crying on the phone with her mother? Is that the silent treatment? Yes it is, and you don't know why.

Your perfect girlfriend, the one you've been waiting all this time for, may be carrying around some extra emotional baggage. Here are some hints to recognizing it.

1- She has unexplained phone conversations @ night
mmmmmmmh!  :roll:

2- She has strange habits
Obssesiveness in every thing she does or should i interpret it as

She never lets you out of her sight and she ain't got no friends. 8O
 She clings to you like flypaper
The woman for you will let you be you, even when she's standing right next to you.