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if briCk was posting this it would probably start with...while a sexy nigga wit swag...
CHILDAKAPOET - while a nigga was lookin crisp...
DEAC - summamabitch
Cash - ha!ha!ha!ha! :roll:

anyway since its mi story i'll start it with f*** THE POLICE...i'm not usually this rude and blunt bt those witches and werlocks dressed in blue, government gumshields, keepers of the first zoo bring out the worst in me.

on a blissful friday afternoon walking to do what i do to get by...i get stopped by the above species of humankind...see i look a bit scruffy...that really says nothing abt mi narcotic to them it screams...SHE GOT SOMETHING ILLEGAL IN HER POSSESSION...anywho they stop me on some u look like a society misfit(not their exact words) they are not loaded on the intellectual this butch black man comes thru one some can we please take a look inside ur bag mam? just routine...drugs are a huge problem in nowadays in i'm part of it...i dnt even stay there now...can't a sista stroll freely on lower main...anyway...2 things i dnt carry around wit me are condoms and weed...condoms because errrrrrrrrrrrr thats a story for another day...and weed...i dnt look forward to spending a nite at the woodstock police station...i'm not big on confinement...moral of the story as i have little time left to be on the net is that...police are stupid mother f***ers who have alot of time on their hands...while they could be lookin for real criminals..they're searching me...because i look like a social reject...don't blame me..blame the hippies...

 am hell behold!

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Sorry about that ma this shit happens to alot of us

That not good enough for ya?


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Reminds me of this scruffy hottie i see around campus, she always rocks this nasty grey-haven't-been-washed-in-5-years allstars.Damn, she fine though, all she needs is water, a washing rag, the salon and we have a winner.

Don't mind the cops, they  bitter coz they aint gettin pay. BITCHES!!