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Maybe the music these days has gone past the element of Race But_ rather adopted the impact and influence scenario that artists bring about to the fans.
But some Catz "Wigga" are straight up fronters of what they say they really about. They just wanted to see if they could the next eminem. My e.g. Eamon! Am not hating, but that's how i saw it.
Am down if Cats talk about what they've experienced. As for those who pretend.... It's on them.

On the other hand it goes both ways, Niggaz wanna be white too.
Sometimes it ain't the man who make the clothes they're in, But rather the clothes who make the man.
quot;A positive anything is better than a negative nothing"


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I didn't find the article too interesting; it was pointing out the obvious with a lot of chest-puffing and bits of trivia. But another interesting point did strike me while reading a few of the posts.

 Black Africans, as opposed to African Americans. Blacks in Africa trying to be like African Americans. It's the same thing. "Ay yo magne, that was the deally deal, on the real fo'shizzle" , wearing their plastic 'chains', calling each other 'nigga', putting on the accent, and generally acting like their American counterparts. GTFO. It's the same thing. Obviously not all Africans do it, but it seems like every day more and more are.

How ironic this thread struck me as.
Btw, I am proudly of mixed descent.