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The New Simpsons Movie is off the Chain!!!!

Last of the old AG Hittaz

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Just saw the Simpsons movie, been waiting for 7 years for it to come out!!
I gotta say I guess my predictions came true, all of the good materials that they've been missing in the series for the past years have went to the movie. You'll even see parts that wouldn't be allowed on TV and there's more cussing than the show!


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    • View Profile goin next tues-discount-day...darn its been a long wait for real

who gat episodes for me?...... :D
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Blac Satyr

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Apparently, I've heard there's also The Sampsons Sopranos @ youtube
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Yeah man........thats cla**ic.Crude and humorous when its wants to be.Worth the wait.Worth the view.
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watched it yesterday,i didnt  expect that shit,am really dissapointed ,those who didnt watch it yet can peep it here