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Who does crunk flow...aka Trap musik


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Whats good ma people

I know not many people are crunk beat fans, but for real though, if u like crunk like i do or u are an artist who wants a crunk beat then look no further

I have posted a beat on myspace called Gangsta Music (, and to be honest it gets me excited!!    

Not the snapping kinda crunk, but the hard stuff..u know the "runner" cool n dre kinda stuff!!

So if u wanna kop it holla check the page out and hit me up 4 real!!!

P.s. anyone interested in being in the DJ Peewee & SuBZee mixtape, hit me up!!!  pm me or We just made a couple of cuts and they are bangin so holla


DJ Peewee
DJ Peewee & SuBZee the next movement.......mixtape coming soon