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Stolen Legacies


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I just felt that this a good read concerning the fact that a lot is changing in hip hop and some sort of direction should be gethered from somewhere. visit to read other topics. i had to copy and paste this shit aight....

"Hmm...lets talk about Stolen Legacies.

Well kids,  I have to keep it real.  Maybe this is one of those events in which "keepin' real will go bad." Anyway, sometimes you have to roll with the punches.  Shawn Carter once said, that not being afraid to take risk is the only way you'll ever succeed.  Which is true. With that said, here it goes people:  

I really feel like Black people are once again letting their culture slip out of thier hands. It's scary because it happened with Rock, it happened with the Blues and Hip Hop is boarderline.  I'm not saying that Beastie Boys and Eminem don't belong...what I am saying is that these muthf*ckas behind the scenes (in these publications, behind the radio, at the promotion companies, these networks, at the labels and all that other sh*t) are the ones in control of Hip Hop, when they aren't even the people who live it.  

How can these huge corporations depict what's hot, what's not and what or what is not Hip Hop?  I am Hip Hop!  I live, breathe and struggle with this sh*t everyday.  This blog could go on and on, yet I can only imagine what you guys are already thinking.  A matter of fact, I rather just have a debate on this shyt live on Pay Per View sponsored by "the people".  

The real people who really believe in Hip Hop as a culture, beyond the latest videos.  Hip Hop really controls the way people eat, the way people live, the way that they dress, breathe and all that other good stuff.  When are we going to take our culture back? When are the people going to stand up and fight for their music, their dance, their words and the way that the their work is being presented?  I guess when all the women are "Pop lock and droppin' it" and when all the men are learning how to be thugs via Young Jeezy...maybe that's when you guys well get the picture...that Hip Hop is in a state of EMERGENCY.  

People are dying...slowly.  Everybody's in the club hollering "Hey Bay Bay" and getting money yet we're forgetting about going back home-to the slums, to the bullsh*t 9-5 and whatever else "real people" deal with.  From Compton to f*ckin' Chicago, from Jackson to Brooklyn...people are poor.  The people need inspiration and leadership.  The people need the foundation in which Hip Hop was built on.  

This is not ok.  It has nothing to do with region or social cla**, rather Hip Hop heads. The Black and brown people from all over the country...sitting and letting their culture roll away into the winds.

My dudes from Coup D'etat Brooklyn said it best, "Teach the Babies" and grab something real to hold on to. Control your microphone- because (ultimately) it's YOURS!

P.S.  To all these publications, companies and networks...stop hiring people from the outskirts to show you what's "urban" and hire the qualified people who live in these communities to show you what Hip Hop really is.  Stolen Legacies... Oh yeah, support real Hip Hop and get your own".  





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real informative man. good lookin!