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XBC Special : Begotten Sun Interview

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A lil insight on Zimbabwean Hip Hop with one of it's pioneers Begotten Sun

Taking time to get to know one of our Zimbabwean sons one to one: Begotten Sun a.k.a B.Sun a.k.a Kudakwashe (whatever you want to call him). After the success of the 2007 double disc Kudakwashe/Munyaradzi which was a reflection from a Zimbabwean perspective that boasted a completely new sound especially for Zimbabwean Hip Hop fusing mbira with the new age instruments, chinyakare type choruses and a whole lot more, we are pretty sure a lot of you want to know a little about how everything came about from the early days kusvika ikozvino. We talk about music, kuoma kwehupenyu, Zimbabwe, Hip Hop, zvese zvese... This guy is talented beyond doubt but he is also intelligent, understands many things around him, you just have to hear him speak. To get to where he is it was a sure struggle worth hearing about. To those who don't know who B.Sun/Kudakwashe this podcast will enlighten you and please feel free to visit (you can buy the double disc here!!!) or . Also check out a review on DKRs music and journey on the following link: Like Sensai Tate always says PAMBERI!!!

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