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Steve Lekoelea


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What u peeps think bout oom Steve?I think he was one of the brightest prospects of the local soccer scene when he came out, back with Zuma.Those days Zuma was one of the flashiest players to never really be able to score a goal.

But what happened was Zuma went overseas (best move he could have ever made) and learnt his trade and learnt his strengths too.I think he turned out to be a great player, with some nagging tendencies, but all in all a cla** act.On the other hand, Steve stayed local and, I feel, never really developed beyond the time he came out.Its like he never built on the immense talent that once was.And such is the state of local soccer.I´m hoping now that the World Cup´s gonna be held here, that more rigorous structures will be put into place, more consulting will be done from top to bottom, and vice versa, more linking with overseas based coaches will take place and more money will be ploughed into the soccer (in all facets) cause I feel that either there are no specialist coaches along with the head coach, or they are no knowledgeable enuff and just happy to know the limited bits they know and sit on their fat cheques every month.

Strikers cant finish, and defenders r comical, to say the least.The midfielders dont always know what they doing.I´m generalizing of course.There are some out there that r pure cla**, but r not getting their just due by being developed more and more.Just watching a bit of Bucks and Pirates today and I was not impressed.Flip the channel and peep liverpool-manu and its like ur watching something thats on another plateau totally, but the fact of the matter is that its supposed to be (in the context of the 2 countries) on the same equivalent level.But clearly, no comparison.There r historic barriers, clearly, that have hindered things, but its time to build up and move out from the mediocre cocoon and elevate things to that next level.

Just my views.I admit, I dont have all the answers, but some stuff I constantly think of and utter and views I hear from others makes me realize that these top authorities need a good kick in the behind to wake up from whats seems to be a slumber of note.
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Lekolea had a chance to go overseas (holland) and said he didnt wanna go to a country that spoke afrikaans or something dumb like that. yeah when he came he was hot but also had a big head now HE feelin the weight
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I dont know shit about i diski.
Its beyond/

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3 years later:2008 its pityful that hes clubless and Beating Teenage chicks