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Knight Rider????!!


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guess whos back on the block? KITT....and the nigga back as a f***en FORD???? >:( :o

Hope this dont turn out like the 'bionic woman' re-up attempt....
Him be nice like reco price/catch a overhand right like I'm Kimbo Slice...

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TATEguru v.2K9

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WHAT?!!! A F*cking MUSTANG?! American cars are SO CRAPPY! But I understand it is an American show yadda yadda but the appeal of Kit was that it was a state of the art sleek ultra cool & SEXY car. This Stang is F-ugly!

Not even the Hof would co-sign this sh*t with his drunk @$$...

F. a re-up! Next they will have the A-Team re-upping in a family mini-van!

F. American TV! with the exception of Heroes Season 1; Sleeper Cell; Dexter & Prison Break Season 3!