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who is ya favorite French h ip hop artist?

RuSh · 4 · 1320


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love Booba real grimey french gangsta i rate the french amongst the tightest hip hop producers in the world

live on the lunch table
Touched fables
Ducked labels
cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
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Booba is my favourite rapper period and the production on his albums and the punchlines is crazy. im also feeling Youssoupha and La fouine, Disiz la Peste
9 tha Pedigree


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La Fouine (motherf***ers like a french Snoop Dogg)


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My 2 all time fav's always been Diam's (i'd hit that) and Disiz... BUT Booba damn it, Booba is the definition of French Gangsta Rap all in one. Large up the Ouest Side album i dont know how many times i can bump Boulbi on loud and piss off quite a few people.

Honourable mention :

Kery James