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who's the real pro??

11 (100%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Malcom E.K.K.S

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I'm the 1st,  one to cast a vote yee ha!,and I did vote 4 proverb,coz he tha 1st PRO i heard and tha time he came out, he was spitting the hiphop I was into then. But as of recent times, I have been feeling Pro's (prokid) shit,his albums seem to be better mastered, and to my surprise kid is sick on punchlines too. As 4 Mr Channel O, I feel his recent album was poorly mastered, his videos , unlike common, had no sense of direction, the raise 'em up video is 4 me one of the wackest videoz released last year!, video and audio where not synced properly. Beseides that, I still rate proverb in the top 5 mcs in the continent, but i feel like the Manuscript wasn't well marketed to put Proverb above the rest,(tops,which is a spot where he deserves to be) when it comes to hiphop on the continent. What am sayin is he shud roll with a better team of promoters or whateva u call the persons who's supposed to market his material. For an individual who's got the upper hand to get the gwop, I feel like he did't utilize his opportunities to do so.

PS. I got one question 4 u Mr rebbi, isn't u r name supposed to be Rabbi?. Coz that pic on ya avatar is of a religous teacher, the great one?. Is it possible that when putting your username u made a mistake which can't be reversed?
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i go for ProVerb!
i met both dudes,both are cool cats. but Proverb made a HUGE impression on me!

Mr Dymize

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I also go for the Verb... that cat IS, has been and Always Will Be THE TRUTH...

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We the PROs that throw VERBs that will Land on your Minez.....


K9 tha Pedigree

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I go for Prokid he is more diverse, but f*** this tipic is played out
9 tha Pedigree


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    • Rebbi Muzik
Nah dawg both spellings are correct, try googling both of em and you'll see what i mean.

Makhi The Heart Beat

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prokid is nice, verb is better, he remained he never fell-off,unlike prokid...That album after heads and tales is some bullshit,dome should dome should get a smack for putting his name on that piss and shit
Its beyond/

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R.I.P my brother I miss you so much.