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The numbers gang

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I thought I'd bring back the themed cypher like the alphabetical slaughter we did a while back, paging all vets no lames or newbies allowed AND PLEASE SPARE US YOUR 100 BAR BULLSHIT COLIN IS ON PATROL

Each verse is related to the number ur a**igned to ....

I rap about the number.. then u rap about the next number...YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PICK YOUR OWN GODDAMNED NUMBER

let me start us of like this

1 is the singular of any in comparison/
1 is the only which leads to ur embarra**ment/
1 way... 1 time... 1 presents first/
1 is the digit in which you dial first/
1 could be an option but to be number one'
You gotta work to put hurt in any other that gets it done/
They attempt to be the one as the number affiliate/
Any other than one and I just won't be seein it/


That not good enough for ya?


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Ill give u 2 days 2 get out\
there are only 2 ways u could be let out\
murder these 2 bars and try 2 breakout\
or take 2 mics and bribe the gaurds for takeout\
Im always 2 steps behind u, so i got ur back\
U been gone for 2 long, its time we recap\
Us 2gether will be twice as nice\
2 Kings on the mic will surely double the price\