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Please contribute!!! atari 2600 exhibition & informations


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hi everyone!

this is directed specially to the older ones who played videogames in the eighties! feel free to ask your dad if you're a playstation kid    ;)

i am researching for an exhibition and i still have very little information about the atari 2600 console in africa (south africa and any other country in africa)

here is my questions, and i hope some of you have some answers:

1) if so, when did the atari 2600 console first appear in your country? (negative answers are welcomed as well)

2) was there any official distributor(s)?

3) was there any clone consoles and games available? do you remember any names or specifications?

4) what TV standart is in your country (pal/ntsc)?

5) is there any african videogame collector site that you know of?

i hope i can get as much information from different countries as possible

thanx for the help ....


ack in berlin >>>

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I don't know about the Atari2006 landing in SA officially.. I borrowed one from a friend in the early nineties when i was ten. Had the ping pong and space shoot em up game

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i dont know about the (twice older than me) grown men that hang around here...but i was a GOLDEN CHINA boy .. . u know Double Dragon, Contra.... 99901 in One cartridges, yeaah thats wat am talking about video game slammation to the fullest....  so when u talk atari am lost.... tho i do remember some huge black ugly thingy box that had blocks bouncing the a small box across the screen...but that was wen i was like 6 or so....

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