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Groundworks & Con-Camp Catalogue

Jules Winnfield

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yo dplanet, can you hook up the inlay booklet for the credits for the Pavement Special Vol. 1? I Am still trying to complete these discogs, and my submission for the Pavement Special is still incomplete! or tha hymphatic thabs inlay booklet for any Taste Buds releases, speaking of is The Darker Side Of Reason out? thanks for the help on this, oh yeah dplanet you got a discography on too! didn't know you dealt with djax back in the day, need to check that China White out!

The darker side of reason ain't out yet? osmic from ther ritual store was bootlegging the album though, whack!!! Dunno when it's gonna make it out.

I know its got double the joints that were originally on it
When all this shit is over and done I think you're gonna find yourself one smilin' motherf***er.