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Mugabe clings on despite election defeat


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yet again the west has been able to cook up a situation of divide, rule and conquer amongst africas children, some sick post colonial syndrome has hit agin.!!!! Black on Black!!!!
MDC leadership is talking giving back land to the colonial masters, after bob had already radically revolutionalised land redistribution in the SADC region!!!Tsvangarai is a capitilistic leader within the african governance, imperialistiically empowered and mandated to a**ist in the mordern enslavement of africans and a cultural rape and molestation of its natural resources for the global economy!!!!

Its funny how western herenfolk media(British and american to be precise) is busy reporting the world and Zimbabwe about the election polls and so forth, and they are not even formally invited media guests by the state, clearly spreading propaganda of the highest level imaginable,

Please.U and Beesting don't no squat!


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the sad part of african politics how the liberators become the dictators.are we next?
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