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N.A 187

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    • "Murder he wrote"
im tired of waisting ink
trying to convince my metabolism dat im sick
get boxed by a clay knuckle, ur vocals r weak
u wanna rumble, i make u throw da towel down on practice
da body of my rhyme has its own axis

lyrical guides to perfect a song/ i got scientist collecting my fart to creat a bomb/ i started writing during war in vietman...


let me show u how i can kill two hawks wit one pea
vs me and get roasted wit sound, yall boring
like drilling da ground, u a feminist
sow u running a virgina monologue wit opra


when i write the blind gets picky when they hike
forget da lime light, give me da twighlight
coz i might, outshine cats for being da highlight
i like dope beats so my peeps can wyld out
sho i write explosive lyrix
been sexing niggaz weman, thats why they got ex man
like atoms children




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  • Cookin food for thought>>>>>THE IMAGE CHEF
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Like nike in 72 Im cla**ic
I show it through my style of rappin'
Keep peeps in suspense, keep 'em askin
Rhymes magnetic keep people attracted
Holdin' on, to my everyletter, coz I only reveal a fraction
Call me the imagechef, I cook food for thought
Mouthwatering, like a 5 course
Cla**ic like 36 in SA's favourite tomatoe souce
Cla**ic, like young miss Diana Ross
Cla**ic, like the year of the first Porsche
The reason Im so ill is coz I keep it cla**y
Nobody out there could come close or even match this
I keep ya face light up like matches
I paint pictures through speeches my flows art
I keep it simple yet pa**ionate, modern day Mozart

spit flows so much you have to grow gills
Or you'll drown when my flows spill
Push me I'll make you run a suicide drill
To see through my WINDOWS i charge you GATE BILLS.....