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does milk still run AG?

i'm sorry but this site is slowly( and im being nice by saying "slowly") is going to the dogs....
so im browsing through some posts and i see that some posts are locked because they say " f*** whoever" or are aimed at crippling niggaz...why are we proctecting certain members? what ever happened to free game? why is AG becomming incestuous? or are people trying to start the first ever online rap crew? if people want to trash talk then let them..otherwise it just defeats the whole purpose of a forum....

my next point is not really anyone's fault...but more of a question heterogenity of users here...why the f*** is everyone the same? why do they all listen to the same stuff? why does everyone use that irritating and gay net abbreviations like "PTF"...what the f*** does that mean??? i think whoever is in charge now should go and hype up AG on myspace and other free sharing sites inorder to attract a larger and much more diverse audience.....i love hip-hop and i want to talk about it with south african heads but i 'll die if i have to have another conversation about premo and pete rock...

why doesnt anyone like cormega? he's the next best thing since that bitch a** fool named God.

where are the OG's? Faet(a.k.a.f*** you), Rush, Brick, Morph....where the f*** is Shane?? somebody tell Shane that we still have to do that pron site that was going to be called

i'm getting older and more tired of South Africa...basically i feel like a white person.

i dont think im better than anyone( only 80%) but i just had to say it.

Julius Malema for God.
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