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Never really got into entourage. Its not bad, but not all that good either.Just Okay.

Ari is awesome though. Along with House he is one of my favourite characters ever.

K'niep Tang

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shows that do it for me:
How I met your mother - freakin awesome, busy waiting for more episodes of season 3
Dexter - seen first season, getting second season tomorrow
Heroes - at least while it lasted, pity
Prison Break - still need to finish season 3, can't believe I've been beaten by Mnet

I'm sure there's other stuff I watch but that is what does it for me.

Oh then there's topgear, and a webcomic called questionable content (
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Yo Pyro, which season/s did u watch. S3 and S4 are crazy. 

Entourage is one of the dopest on TV, period. Coz they be doin' it like they doin' it for TV.
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