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Time at gigs

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It's become a norm for people to start gigs later than they advertised. I once waited 3 hours for a performance to start..... (without any dj)

My question is why? We can't expect to be taken seriously if we can't keep to basic principles of business. It can't be normal that i can walk into a hip hop gig, 2 hours late...and still be 1 hour early. >:(

So all promoters????? It's TIME...pull up dose socks.

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Really disrespectful indeed!
Don't know why they don't start setting up early. Clearly the advertised time is for "time for setting up".


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yeah,,, co-sign that shit.

i have left gigs so many times before the main act has come on because i can't be bothered to wait any longer (and the warm up acts are no good).

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^^^ Yep Promoters need to stop putting their boys on.

Every single gig when you find out who the promoter is, you immediately know who the opening acts will be. Its pathetic and unproffestional.
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