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KRS-1 VS Souljah Boy

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kRS-One Formally Welcomes Soulja Boy To Hip Hop
August 29th, 2008 | Author: Edwin Ortiz

Soulja Boy may have just gotten his most important cosign yet in the Hip Hop arena a few days ago. Bridging the gap on BET’s Rap City, KRS-One [click to read] and Soulja Boy presented their own takes on Hip Hop, as well as showcased the need for rappers to talk to each other rather than at each other.

Defining Hip Hop as “having fun, rapping, dancing, and partying,” Soulja Boy stated he viewed 50 Cent as an “old school” rapper. Laying down a foundational timeline of Hip Hop to supplement Soulja Boy’s reasoning, The Teacha confronted the problem that arises when old school meets new school. “Every 10 years, we get a “new” old school. In [19]87, we thought that 1977 was the best time for Hip Hop. In 97’, we said 1987 was the best era for Hip Hop. Here we are in 200[8], and we’re discussing 97’, 98’…This is showing us first how time flies, and also how new blood is brought into Hip Hop. We can’t be dissing new blood that comes in and expect [Hip Hop] to exist.”

Though Soulja Boy was not necessarily shell shocked by the chance to meet one of Hip Hop’s most influential characters, he showed immense gratitude to a person who was willing to talk to him like an equal. “From almost every person in the music industry, my name has come out their mouth. But out of all those people that say ‘Soulja Boy this’ and ‘Soulja Boy that,’ KRS-One has been the first person to ever come to me and speak to me about Hip Hop.”

Being in a new age, KRS-One felt there’s a wrong way and a right way to take up a discussion of Hip Hop, but with Soulja Boy, he sees an artist who is ready and willing to make a change for the better. “It’s easy to sit behind a computer and diss and talk. But to meet a man face to face and say ‘look, we appreciate you, we respect you, but this is where we need you to be to keep our legacy alive.’ Soulja Boy respected that totally.”
With open arms, KRS-One professed to Soulja Boy, “Welcome to Hip Hop.”