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Congrats and good luck over there.

where are you gonna be studying? And what are you doing your masters on?

I wish I could get something like this. Where do I apply?
I'm gonna be in Brighton, 70km south of London. at the uni where Thabo got his Economics degree.

Mine is from the Foreign Commonwealth Office, try British Council too.

Thanks for the good wishes AGians. Making me smile.

Just don't start wearing tweed and start talking shit and thinking we won't notice, cos you're smarter than us.

the rise of akhanda

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if this is such a honor, why the hell would you name this thread as " bittersweet"?
he is on the rise and will soon die again


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Hey Nat, you ever in London, holler. We'll party. Plus then I can kidnap you and force you to host an episode of 20/20... ;D

Well done!
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I'm relocating to England in roughly a week. I got offered a scholarship to study my masters there for a year, 180K worth of education, how can I say no to that?

As exciting as it is, I'm leaving behind so much that I've just began to build. I have such a wonderful rhythm going with my life and career. I don't know how I'm gonna get used to waking up without my man next to me, I know about the English cold.

I'm heading straight into winter, the warmth of summer has been elusive, that's Cape Town for you...
This also also narrows down my chances being God mother to Inyambo's first born :(

The closer it gets the more surreal it feels. I'm starting freak out, so much to do, so very little time.
Pick up pa**port, organise a farewell, pack ( all 23 KGS) how can they expect me to pack a year into one suitcase? What do I take and what do I leave behind? I'm stressing to the extent that I think I might have given myself an ulcer...

Wonderful news to hear.