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jub jub to sing world cup anthem

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this is kinda confusing. jub jub was just a presenter on jam alley and now his on the national radio stations and tv signing about his personal bullshit in gospel. who wants o hear about his problems with his mom? dude must wake up and go to the circumcision school and get that long fleshy foreskin of his cut with a 1876 made dagger

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HIP-HOP music sensation Jub Jub will sing his way into the history books.

Jub Jub has been chosen to perform the official 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup anthem.

Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye, was approached by the 2010 local organising committee to compose and sing a song that would “mobilise the country to rally behind the preparations for the World Cup”.

The 2010 song, called “Ke Nako” — a Sesotho phrase meaning “It is Time” — was introduced to the media on Monday night in conjunction with the unveiling of the 2010 mascot, Zakumi.

“The song is an inspiration to all South Africans. I sing about our beautiful, diverse country, different lifestyles and cultures.

“The song is for young and old — and it is going to rock,” said the rapper.

He told The Times that the song represents the “melting-pot of diversity we have in the country”, particularly because it is multi-lingual, featuring lyrics in Sotho, Zulu, English and Afrikaans.

Jub Jub said he wanted to inspire the nation to be confident about the event being a success.

A countrywide tour to promote the 2010 song and get the nation feeling festive in the run-up to the event is on the cards.

oh well...

Jub Jub a joke for World Cup anthem 
Bongani Madondo: Be Mad on Friday Published:Oct 03, 2008

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We need the benefit of a culturally solid brand like Miriam or Hugh

HOLD on. Was that a tongue slip or am I on acid or what? As my friend Karima is fond of saying, niggah what?!

So we were fibbed that the popular rapper Jub Jub was commissioned to perform South Africa’s official World Cup theme song for 2010.

Of course, some of us bought into it — the PR stunt, that is — wondering aloud.

Bewildered, I gave the young artist a ring to clarify, and he said: “Hey, my man, you saw me performing the song, Ke Nako (It’s Time). I composed it, but not for World Cup; I did it for the mascot, Zakumi. That’s how it is, my man.”

Really? Does Zakumi needs a song specially composed for him?

Were we hoodwinked! But seriously now, it really doesn’t matter if the mascot needs a dirge or a house tune to groove to. We should be happy that Jub Jub has not been commissioned to compose the theme song for the event- how sacrilegious that would have been!

What does it matter who composes the national theme song for the event? Well, lol, a lot. It’s just not a song, it will be taken as South Africa’s contribution to the cultural make-up of this event, and had it gone on as the stunt had it, we would be the world’s laughing stock.

Though the actual football razzmatazz is slated to take place for less than three months in 2010, the journey we walked, the battles we fought, the abuse we had to bear, the betrayal we had to be put through, the tears we had to shed and the sheer magnitude of the triumph we had to celebrate the opportunity to host, goes back a long, long wretched way.

The journey stretches back to 1652, when Europe first planted its flag right on the crack of Africa’s big black butt, the Cape. Since then, up to the Land Act of 1913, the treason trial, Rivonia, June 1976, the 1984 townships — and then to Thabo Mbeki’s government’s sterling efforts in making it all happen.

The theme song should reflect that journey, and it can be achieved only with the benefit of an experienced and culturally solid brand, say Miriam Makeba, Sibongile Khumalo, Katse Semenya, Jonas Gwangwa or Hugh Masekela.

To give it to Jub Jub, with all his accessible, sometimes beautiful, lollipop-like style, would have been an insult to us as a people and a continent.

Need I remind you that I was the only fool to write that his sort of gospel and hip-hop mishmash resonates with the township ma**es in a frighteningly potent way that other artists can only envy?

But that was premised particularly on his potential, and not his actual, stock value as a composer. The boy is still in nappies.

If Jub Jub had been our official composer, the long-held suspicion that indeed we are a “Lucky Packet” country would have been confirmed. Thanks, but no thanks.
"so long and short of it, its just for the mascot..........."
N'veigh's Album ,titled 7.30, dropping on 7.30

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So he composed the song for the leopardylionrasta? Ya ne....