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Dark Skinned Broads...


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You would think that black people have come further than this...guess not!

"Stuck with yourself like the rest of us"


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sad world we live in :(
mind is what im made of
where my spoken word is formed
lie not for this here is what mind is

the re-birth of me....the potrait of life

Makhi The Heart Beat

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I have noticed that it is significantly harder to bed/date dark skinned honeys. Its as if they have a higher self esteem than light skinned broads. I know i may be generalizing, but i have come across this phenomenon many times, and it has always been the case.

huh, you dont say... :-\

coz in my personal experience, the opposite it true. im thinking of going all light tho, like a white chick ( its a goal yet to be reached of mine). im still a bit skeptic, like " do i realy want this", " can i afford this?"...and of cause " how the hell do you start with a white chick?"..........that me.
Its beyond/

The Elders are above all/

Above all!!/

- Bongani krushen Cripper Demka...

R.I.P my brother I miss you so much.


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that word "toasted" sounds very wrong. dont know why Jay-Lee chose to use that word.
waaakwkakwkakwkaaaaaaaaaaaa! hey man, dont be getting all sensitive on me now. You of all people know that name calling is a part of AG and by the way I love me a toasted nigga! Burnt and hott!

now lets not have sleepless nights over my choice of words ;)