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This thread is for all the lovers out there.
Let us know

what you LOVE
who u LOVE
How u LOVE
What LOVE is to U
And show LOVE!

******No hatin here******

I'll set it off :

I love my life(the drama, the pain, the achievements, the friendships, the sex, the money and my family),

my car(when im doin 200 on the m1 highway with the sunroof open bumpin FLY AWAY n lettin the haters see that BMW emblem and eat my dust)

women(I love how they appreciate us no matter what n keep tryin to make us better people, their strength, their beauty, their sexuality, their love making, their conversation and their ability to bring life)

AG(yall sum crazy maf***ers, but i love all yall) :D


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Cool thread.

I love my girlfriend, and the fact that we work so well together.

I love my music collection. I love getting new CDs from PR companies and I love going crate digging even more. I love the fact that I am able to do it regularly.

I love my new studio.

I love my family.

I love my pa**port.
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I love my moms.

I love my 3week old '08 Audi A4, i still bust a nut everytime i see the mean muggin lights and grill.

I love my nephew, that boy is destined for greatness.

I love my brothers and i love chilling with them on a sunday afternoon drinking beer till supper time.

I love my fiance

I love my job.

I love being MEEEEEEEEE!!!
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