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Obama Presidency Propels Canada/Condoleezza Rice Settle Suit

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Obama Presidency Propels Canada And Condoleezza Rice Settle or Dismiss $900 Million Murdercap Records' Rappergate Case At December Hearing

Canadian Rap Kingpin Kardinal Offishall, Jay Z, and Premier Dalton McGuinty Confirm Worst Elements of Murdercap Records' Lawsuit, As Celebrity Court Face-off Looms

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DETROIT/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 18, 2008 --- Murdercap Records CEO Jerome Almon suggests fear and panic have prompted Condoleezza Rice and Canada to race to close the $900 million lawsuit filed by Almon, to avoid their bribery and blackmail being exposed in open court. Almon believes fear of an Obama administration investigating the now-admitted racial profiling of rappers and African Americans - combined with celebrities Paris Hilton, DMX, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Tom Sizemore, Mick Jagger, and Martha Stewart facing off in court over their criminal records - is a chance the defendants cannot take. He also affirms they have also reached the conclusion that Mr. Almon cannot be allowed to present the sex, lies, and videotape evidence at the heart of Canada's war on America's top gangsta rappers, who are seen as "super Black" and are blamed for the dramatic, increased gun play in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

In a stunning interview in XXL Magazine, Canadian rap king Kardinal Offishall verifies Canada is profiling U.S. rappers and that Mr. Almon's lawsuit has forced Canadian officials to end their targeting of Canadian MCs re-entering the country. Due to his recent border experience, rap mogul Jay Z called on Canadians to help end the practice in an interview on Canada's Much Music Television between stops on the Obama election concert tour led with Diddy and Mary J. Blige.

Canadian officials are now aware of Mr. Almon's "unique" background and contributions to Canada and America that led to Colin Powell and Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin dispatching State Department officials to honor their written agreement stating it would be illegal to ban Mr. Almon from Canada.

Almon stated, "Hypocritically, like Spike Lee, Secretary Rice heralded President Obama's Presidential victory as a great moment for Blacks as she gave Canada the green light to continue profiling African Americans wholesale, and exploited rap as America's great cultural amba**ador on the official State Department Web site. Secretary Rice and disgraced former Inspector General Krongaard will need a Presidential pardon to avoid being indicted for the coverup."

According to Almon, Secretary Rice asked for and received irrefutable evidence that Canadian officials were illegally profiling U.S. rappers and African Americans. In a stunning November 14, 2008, report mirroring admissions by French First Lady Carla Bruni, Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty cites racism - not U.S. rappers - as the cause of Canada's gun and gang violence. This is exactly what is stated in Mr. Almon's $900 million lawsuit which, will seek cla** action status and up the dollar amount by $300 million.

Contact Jerome Almon at 313-459-2801
JAY Z calls on Canadians to address profiling at border (last 30 seconds)

Canada's Top Rapper Confirms Border Profiling of US Rappers

Canadian Premier Confirms Racism NOT US Rappers The Cause of Gun and Gang Violence in Canada

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