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DJ Premier & Ludacris Collaboration "M.V.P." Released


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November 17th, 2008 | Author: ------

With the recent release of the the song "M.V.P." off Ludacris’ soon-to-be-released album Theater of the Mind, the Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor claims to be the first Southern rapper to work with DJ Premier.

Luda' opens up with “When Premier put the needle on the record I put it on blast.” He goes on to elaborate with raps, “first southern rapper on a Premo beat."

The Houston-born but New York-bred producer has worked previously with Scarface, on "Betrayal," which was featured on Gangstarr's Moment of Truth album. Premier also produced the title track off Scarface's upcoming Emeritus album. Additionally, Premier supplied the beat for fellow Texan Devin the Dude on the track "Doobie Ashtray." Premier has also worked with Cee-Lo on "Evening News," which can be found on Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine. Jermaine Dupri  and Premo collaborated on the track "Protectors of the 1472," from JD's Life in 1472 album. The legendary producer has also featured Bun B  of UGK and Arrested Development on his beats as well, yet the nod is significant.

The Gangstarr co-founder producer gives a unique blend of percussion and samples, to compliment Ludacris' rhymes. The song will be part of Ludacris’ album, Theatre of the Mind, that is scheduled to be released November 24.

Reported by Benjamin Chesna.


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