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Some Afternoon Sweetness...
By grace I tell you/
Once the Word is picked up, God straight comes at you/
And ain't no telling what He just might do/
But Thank God,when He moves, it's only for the good of you/
I love how it feels when Spirit's out to 'gate' you/
No leisure,no privileges, stay in your own dorm/
And anywhere you go, stay in uniform/
Only a Cheng-mind would get it/
A Christian shouldn't regret it/
If He's putting you on spiritual lock down/
He about to turn your world round/
Ain't not doubt about that/
I cling to the Gospel of Jesus, strap it on my back/
So when they look they see the Father/
And not just another gimmick hiding behind 'love thy brother'/
In my dreams I see my Spirit Lady doing bench presses/
In the flesh I'm learning the confidence that made fishermen witnesses/
I never thought I'd see the day that I'd return to former glory/
I mean, the day that I could Praise Him coz this is only part the story/
He not done with me,I'm grateful/
It's hard at times but I'm trusting that I'll be better when it's all through/
I'm still standing, not by power not no might/
coz ain't nothing physical bout this thing we fight/
I know I'm on the right side/
since the Word renewed my mind site/
I'm gunnin to be Christ-like/
Praise God that's He's the bright light/
Star of the Morning/
and the vision to my eyesight...