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The First Verse You Wrote...!!!


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I was just going thru ma books of rhymes, came across the my first book of rhymes and my first verse that i wrote that verse is so wack that it took me a while to get myself to start this topic. Funny enuff i can never get it out of ma head though....... Do you remember yours...???
oh well...

yo nation/
i represent the T-side connection/
where i do my action/
in slow motion/
I am smooth like when you put lotion/
love rap like i drank potion/

sorry folks i cudn't carry on, can't blive i wrote that

holler back

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ok, it was the rap verse on a love song:
warning i was 12 turning 13.

why you tryna hurt me/ dont you know i cant be hurt
because im fire, im ice, im a killer device/
baby you better watch out/ you dont want me to shout
cos what im gonna say is gonna blow you away
youre a punk, youre a flunk and you stink like a skunk
matter fact that was the compliment/ here comes the insult
you f***ing bastard wanna blast me/ you're the loser you see
thinking you so hot/ high and smoking pot
i got a scheme/ hiding up my sleeve
somethings gotta give/ im gonna show you how to live
but wait a minute/ thats wasting my time
why should i give mine/
you gotta learn how to do it yourself word
i remember my mother gave me this long a** lecture when she found it cos of the swear words. she was like " who made you so angry?"

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spread love in da music

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there is a thread like this already and this one is also in the wrong forum, cos writing your first verse isn't that big an event really. Close this one please.