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Da Mixtape culture

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Look and listen got my vote right now, they bringin in good imports just too costy. It was hard choosing where to blow over R200 in a cd store knowing im da Bootlegger. Little brother had a good selection of artists, Dre and Detox or even his albums made me feel like mixtapes rule. Yet i miss dat Def squad flavour, bumpin Eric Onasis made me realise how valuable Eazy E was to da game. Had jaw pains gaggin to a PApoose mixtape collection coz da nigga got way too many. I dig his collabos with Mobb deep tho.

why is it that mixtapes can over shadow the artists actual album? i personally dont  like featuring unless we on da same wave lenght. Lyrics and beats are like cookin, good mixes only make the flavour but the type of food mixed change the cuisine. Happy voting day yall.
Let me know what your best mixtapes of all times were coz i want that collection too.