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On the next episode of Tha Headwarmaz... (24 April 2009)


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Tonight on Tha Headwarmaz (24 April 2009)

All the naysayers must be feeling so foolish. It seems that the healing process within hip hop has started…and the predictions of it’s death are nothing more than failed Nastradumsism (don’t check the dictionary)…

There are more than 10 gigs and parties happening in the next 3 weeks in Cape Town alone. The theme song to the Headwarmaz states…”Hip hop’s not dead. It just buried alive. It lost consciousness but we let it survive”.  We rest our case.

On the show tonight we feature home grown talent like you’ve never seen or heard before.

Headz on da spot (part 1):

We take it to the streets of Delft South, one of the Cape Flats’ melting pots. Bongs…also known as the Lyrical Highness has been putting in some work in the studio and tonight he comes to show us the fruits of his labour…

Real name Bongani Bonase. Developed love for hip hop from an early age but started rapping in 2005 and since then i've been pushin' it hard spreadin' my messages utilizing HIP-HOP. He is an integral part of a group going by the name of Delft South Origins (D.S.O) with katz like Manity, EmSthie, LosKop, Malala.  Hip-Hop took him to the Grahamstown Nation Arts Festival. He has had interwiews with radio stations such as Bush Radio, Radio Zibonele and appeared on TV via Que TV a station based in Grahamstown.

Headz on da spot (part 2):

We speak to some of the artists who will be headlining K’ltsha Kulture, an initiative to bring back hip hop to the streets of  Khayelitsha. Gin i Grindith, Steel, Metabolism, Uzwi Kwantu, Equilibrium, Undecided…

Make sure you listen to the show for more details. It’s bound to be crazy…

Shoutout to da WORLD…

On the last Friday of each month we lay down our working tools and try to connect with each other. This segment offers listeners and presenters the chance to interact in  a laid back enviroment. Shoutout to your peops. Shoutout to your girl. Shoutout to the streets. Shout out to the WORLD…

Remember if you have any material (music or otherwises) or comments. Email us on

Headwarmaz… for the LOVE of hip hop.


For the LOVE of Hip Hop