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8 Bars A Day Keeps The Wack MCs Away

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Ghetto John drop heavy method on the populous/
evidence of progress/ amidst these pelicans squawking.../
AG reconstructed from elements of sonnets/
I ain't saying names, but B.S. too prevalent a concept/
Got this. Organise, unify, and elevate the conscripts/
take back the cypher; renovate the monument/
leave they idols ransacked, flip 'em off as I ran past/
tell 'em we named the revolution "taking out the damn trash"/...
"nobody as true as I am, the truth was the king of the jungle before the ~lion~"- Papoose

"if noah had the benefit of hindsight on his ship, he woulda snatched 2 unicorns and left behind the


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catch me on hectic 99 doing an interview for my event KING OF THE GRIND with live in studio stunting on skateboards..thats simple enough to understand i thinkl..peace
people be juding me by the way that i walk even when i talk they say i got swagger like i be from new york..#print that bitches!