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DJ Eazy´s Gonna Rock Ya @ Time Out 27th July

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Man oh man, i am psyched, we have Dj Eazy (5fm) on the wheels ov steel for your entertainment. It´s gonna be on FIRE
You can´t afford to miss this one
8:30 till the cowz come home (or leave)
Peace y´all


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DJ Eazy could not make it as his friend was giving him a lift through had his car stolen, in his car was DJ Eazy´s vinyl as well as his friends vinyl, AS WELL as 2 cdj´s and a mixer. now that is whack when some a**hole steals a car, AND someones hard earned tunes. my sympathy goes out to them, i know how it feels, i have had exactly yhe same thing happen to me AND insurance refused to pay me out, i lost of 30 thousand rands worth of music, that is a lot of music. cars are replaceable but music aint
a big FVCK YOU to ALL thieves


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peeps, we need more support, i thought joburg peeps were tougher, a bit of cold and everyone stays at home???? come on, the musics good, come and support us, y´all have had many a good evening at time out, why do we only get lots of people in during holidays?


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there´s hip hop DJ´s on 5?

what time..he any good?

Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.