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Maino - What you guys think?


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I have been listening to the Maino - If Tomorrow comes album.. and i have been more than impressed. Think its been one the most solid albums i heard from the new generation of east-coast artists! great concept behind it... because each song represents a situation he faced between coming out of jail in 03 and releasing this album...

ps. quite a crazy story behind this cat. dude did a 10 year bid for drug related kidnapping at the age of 16!!! and came out at 26! thats crazy... and only relseased his album six years later...crazy..

anyways for those who heard this cat.. what do u think? or for those interested here is the link

Bobby Banks

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sounds interesting. lemme get this...
iv got a fire in my heart and your critism fans it!


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has some dope radio singles!
Write of Pa**age out Now!!!


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maino? havent listened to dude, matter of fact, havent even heard his voice

dude has a lot of buzz n hype, like drake, but less

should cop his ish in a coupla days