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Zuma's 100 days in office.

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What do you think fellas? I applied for a new pa**port and new ID on the 10th August and yersteday i received an sms saying My pa**port and ID is ready. I really think Home Affairs have stepped up their service. I say Well done!!


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I dont know about the ID but they've been quick with the pa**port before Zuma was in office. I got my in 3 weeks too.


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Yeah I am also very impressed with the home affairs. Applied for ID and the queue was suprisingly short and had a relatively painless experience and it took just over a month to get my ID...

im just not sure if it has that much to do with Zuma's first 100 days, I mean those structures (to make the Home affairs more efficient) would have had to have been put in place a while backfor us to be witnessing the results now. Surely it can't take a 100 days to make a whole department work better  :-\

im more interested in these new ministries and how they performed.

How did the State Security, Human settlement dept. etc perform in the past 100 days???
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The 100 days thing can be a bit misleading in our context.
But I say Msholozi is off to a good start, you dig. he made some good appointments, is not bucking down on BRT and signed the new competition law a few days ago.  But we may see some effects of his first 100 days later - like inflation due to higher wage increases. Some bad decisions i believe. Like overlooking Dikgang for Cheif justice. it's a perception that he's hijacking the judiciary. Check how he appointed Dumisa Ntsebenza, Andiswa Doni and them to the JSC and the JSC quickly squashed Hlophe charges.

But on home Affairs. long way to go. Someone in Pinetown killed himself last week because Home affairs said he must be a foreigner and tore up his application. Seems like they are on track though. The uy who heads it, Mavuso Msimang is a respected turn around guy and he seems to be on the right track . but he messed up bi time on failing to get the Brits to stop the Visa thing.

Anyway, I say Msholozi will surprise many people because by and large he has a good team at the helm. But he will will also start making enemies in his own camp. It's already happening. Malema and Manamenla are headed for a war.

Hope he gets it right.


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dude is hangin in there

and f*** him for not making hlophe the chief justice, this is blatant that dude is holding on that hlophe thing, and that bheki cele appointment was f***ed up too, cant wait to see who's going to head the national intelligence agency, heard mo shaik is a possible candidate wtf!!!


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what about the people?
How long will it take to take care of the most vulnerable.
Are there programs in place for the disabled? Those without limbs? The blind or are they doomed to the street corner with eleven year olds who should be in school guiding them to car windows for change?
I"m not saying we create a welfare state or make people dependent on grants but I feel structures of support are lacking for those who need them most. NGO's have they own interests and fields they work in. We know government inherited an already f***ed up system but it's time for reform that is visible to the most vulnerable.