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f*** T-Pain anyway!!!


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Come on. Whether you like T-Pain or not, he is an international A-list star. Also, whether you like him or not, performers often want to prepare for their shows without being ha**led by local Stans (even if they are VIPs in their own countries). T-Pain isn't going to change his rider just because he's in SA - it's just another country on his tour.

Raekwon had the same rider. Sharpa and Raiko didn't get to meet him either - although his brother did chill with them - he even gave them a bottle of Moet in exchange for a CD.

Maybe if local celebrities didn't act like such Stans around international acts, these riders wouldn't be in place.


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More like T-pain in the neck.
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Check Robocop stealing these people's fridge:

That RoboCop Commercial was funny as hell! "What'd da Hell-a, Fried-a Chicken!" LMAO :D :D :D