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so lastnight i was at my boy RAS G's house, you know, doing what it do, toking on that herb... ;D anyhow...RASTA has to have what is in my opinion the most concise collection of Rasta media ever, i mean this dude has everything, from books, to tapes, to dvds ..dude has it all...

its tradition that when you stop by his pad to a little R&R he puts on sumin for cats to watch and ponder on, either a ca**ette tape, some underground reggae concert or a flick...lastnight he dropped a flick on us...MAYN...

what ever you do, if you havent seen this movie GO OUT NOW AND LOOK FOR IT.....

and just incase you might think its some BS...hold your tongue...not only does this movie bring together some of the most prolific and talented raggae musicians of our time, it is a PRODUCER's HAVEN..yeah, i said it...YOU WILL BE AMAZED to find out how many of the PRODUCERS YOU RESPECT have borrowed and sampled from this movie's soundtrack, from the ba**, the drum loops, the horns and my favourite...the vocal clips!