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Urban Peacock


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URBAN PEACOCK @Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel
Hit Entertainment:, 072 889 0987
Host:   URBAN PEACOCK...initiate.create.celebrate.

Date:   Friday, 06 November 2009
Time:   19:00 - 22:30

On the 6th of November we will be bringing you another great event at Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel. As always it will be a mix of performance art and an exhibition. In terms of the art we’ll have on display, this time photography will be the art on focus. Photographer, Aiden (he was also the photographer at our last event) or David Scribbles as some may know him, will have his work on display along with another who we’ll leave a mystery. Come and find out!

We know that you all can appreciate great poetry so that’s how we’ll be starting off our evening to get those minds of yours ready for other great performances for the evening. This event we’ll be collaborating with Soul Life, the soulful artist management and events company who’ll be bringing along a couple of their talents. One of those talents being Nala, a duo of velvety voiced songstresses. They’ve performed in and around Cape Town and may be familiar to some of you.

Ladies, we all love a guy who can sing and play guitar, so at this event we have Anton on guitar another great talent we’ve found bringing in that great acoustic sound we all can appreciate. Then throwing something slightly different into the mix, we have Die Onheilige Hoog, an alternative Afrikaans band who be bringing along their great energy and love for the genre to our stage.

So there you have it, a perfect mix of art and music and it’s all for free! Please join us and bring along those who appreciate the creative...come show us love because that what we’ve put it together with.

See you there beautiful people! Till then...

Tina Matsimella (Co-owner, Marketing manager)
URBAN PEACOCK...Initiate. Create. Celebrate.

For the LOVE of Hip Hop