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Did he also produce the new Ishmael track with Amu? ´cos i´m feelin that track. :-D

Original Syn

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37 produced most, if not all of Ishmael´s new album, that shit is too tite!

to Tripl, check priv. msg.


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What up Syntactic?

U all good my man?I´m just checking now, ur chalking up some messages son.Its like u gaining on a brudda man.Looks like I gotta post more and keep the home-FIYAH´s burning. :-]

So anyways, I havent heard any new Ishmael stuff yet, but word has it thats its tight.I did peep RJ Benjamin and its really tight that "Cry" track.I think thats the one u mentioned u heard some time back that 37mph played for u.Its really nice.Btw, when is Bongani Fa**ie dropping that single officially?U doing the early morning show thing again tomorrow?Btw, gotta tape Ali G this eve.Thats more like a loud mental note as due to the unfreezing process "I have no inner monologue".

Also, can u give J the Hype compilation as I wanna peep it tomorrow sometime.She´s raving bout it so much especially that Rhea collabo......I hear its pure hotness.´n Man is fiending now for that.Btw, just luving that Clinton track and that Tykoon Suit interview was cool.D-form is just a lekker laidback bro.U must check if u can hook up a collabo with him.Now that would be tight.

I gotta let u listen to this guy called K´naan.He´s somali and currently residing in Canada.He´s got that madd conscious vibe.Liking his stuff and style.Maybe u can peep it this weekend.

Coming back to 37mph.......the kid is so smooth.No doubt.Btw, that Hedonistic revisited sounds like a cool idea, from what I hear bout the 1st installment link up.A bunch of peeps hooking up for the luv of hip hop and music as a whole.What more can I say - Jigga quote unquote.

Its all good.Much luv and Keep it tight.
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Those that might wanna hear some of that hedonistic shit check this web page out ya heard? All tracks produced by 37mph except "Display the art" produced by Nastie Ed

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Him be nice like reco price/catch a overhand right like I'm Kimbo Slice...

Album Available from Musica, Look & Listen and Reliable Warehouse


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Tanasha Wzuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

been wonderin´ how you doin!

Y´all depressed yet ´n shit? Weather gettin to you? Bitch slap some brits... might make ya feel better...

37 played me a verse u flipped on the way up. Was well impressed. Howz shit treatin you up there? Been able to connect with headz?

Be nice.