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info for a wanna be female dj?

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I´m considerin´ becoming a dj.
I wanna know what your suggestions are on what turntables I should buy for a beginner? Also whatever else you wanna tell me. And to any djs who on the site-how long did it take you before you were any good? Just need some input ´cause we need all the hip hop djs we can get and I wanna be one of them.

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 Yo Anon, if u serri-us bout doin the dj thing, u need Direct drive decks, NO belt drive, if u learn on them u´ll be abl 2 mix, but then th e1st time u play on good decks, i.e. technics 1200 or 1210s´, the power and crispness of the pickup on the plate will f*** u up evri time, so thers no point. So in my opinion, just knuckle up and buy the 1200 or 1210s´, they´re not cheap, but they are hardy, dont need to be serviced very often and can last practically 4eva, I gave my lil bro my old 1200´s, they took 7yrs of hard play, and he still butchers them tryin to be a dj evriday. They still nearly as crisp as the day i bought them. The new Vestax reversible decks are also very nice and fancy but even mor expensive and I´m a purist. Technics been rockin 4eva.

As to how long its gonna take to be good, depends entirely on u, if u hav talent u could be not bad in  2months if u practised evriday for at least 2 hours. Seriously practise is the only way to be good, Mzansi´s dj-god, Ready D, still practices at least an hour evriday, an he´s been at it mor than 10 yrs.

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Thanks for that info! Helped a lot! I also got the same advice ´bout the technics 1200 from another dj, sounds like the best to get. When I got enough cash I´ll make my first move into becoming a dj.  8-)