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Cipher...join and plz be off the head for-real

Ace Blaq

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Minute maids, let me bust u a story about minute fools
as u will c I am to skooled to b a minute fool
My educational story begins
Unbeknown moments of deceit
we lie within seas of ill seated fate
Hope seems to exist, ceases to exist
as we awake to nights filleds with lost dreams
Prejudice my eyes to see sumthing for what it is
Water under the bridge- rather live my life with no past regrets
Then again we need to rectify our past mistakes
Where everything is at Stake
We need to do whatever it takes
To stay afloat, be able to survive beyong the edge
Ace Blaq is beyond M squared, beyond these constraints of daily conscriptions
Your Novel based rhymes are base
Blinded by your novel based life
this is real life
betta hustle or be a fairytale whore for this Spin Doctors to do you
I saw you, I told you
take a page from Ace Blaq's manual
quot;words in existence goes beyond basic human emotions"


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Chrys spits scripts that fossilize your weak mind like scenes from a diabolic ritual
vocab splits cerebral cortex like surgical blades disecting an Extra Terrestrial's pancreas for lab experiments
dictionary quotes choke imbeciles trying to scrutinize my rhetoric idiologies and testiments
Chrysanthemum's synical syllables sickens like short circuits in my Cybernetic Organic medulla
No concept, no concert and no you can't set your brain to be on my level like CISCO router configurations to the illeterate
3G Networks, data streams, Wireless Technology, Security, VoIP none of y'all is nicer
That's why after this recital the subnormal intelligent will fade away like HIV when Jacob Zuma's in the shower
irth, Wisdom, Technology and Death


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Da Quan Kata kickin it free orthadox and begins to inginite a psyche spark,
dat glows in da dark, invoking confusion like an illusion seeping through
yo membrane like diffusion synergizing a fusion of da supreme and elite,
never discreet and da cypher always complete, wanna compete?
Or u gonna switch to yo sponge persona sucking up all lifes juices like a blood donor,
while i keep flowing like im resident in yo bloodstream makes you wanna scream
when i blow off pieces of yo mind wit my mental arsenal it im pa**ing da cypher like a batton, u betta grab it wit zeal B or are u actin?, ok i'll keep klappin like a fully loaded mack 10 while you dig up the last scraps outta your mental den, im standin on my thrown lookin over da fence and hence i show no pity to your insignaficany defence! WHAT!